Wednesday, August 17, 2022
CelebrityMome Mahlangu opens up about depression and miscarriages

Mome Mahlangu opens up about depression and miscarriages

Mome Mhlangu has opened up her struggles including in-laws, miscarriages and depression as finally she decides to focus with family.

“One day I decided to free myself from them emotionally through meditation and psychological healing. I was free and, when I freed myself, my focus was centred on my family,” said Mome.

The reality shares her healing journey, she remembers hard times from previous miscarriages that made lost hope of having children.

“My healing journey leaves me in deep thoughts at times. Some days I don’t even want to think, but I have learnt to be strong enough to face it for me to heal,” said Mome.

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Fans from social media send supporting messages and respect after her and her family.

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