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Miss Pru issues apology after congratulating MacG


Miss Pru has issued an apology after tweet congratulating the podcaster MacG went viral on social media.

Her praise came after she saw Studio 88 sponsoring MacG podcast, which is later they decided to pull off sponsorship with his show.

After the tweet, some followers put her on blast for crediting the podcast following homophobic remark shown on one of their episode.

Miss Pru as not wrong to praise them the sponsorship because they already publicity apologized for that episode, but it looks like their faults still hunt Macg.

After the criticisms, Pru decide to apologise after exchanging few words with the LGBTQI+ community she realised how “insensitive” she had been.

“I have never been a homophobe and I do not condone such acts. Please accept my sincere apologies,” she added.

MacG and his team recently were in hot water after transphobic comment against LGBTQI community, which actually upsetting many viewers.

The team realised mistakes they did on their podcast, they decided to release a statement on Twitter asks for forgiveness for homophobic slur.

MacG and his team release this statement on Twitter: “On January 25, Podcast and Chill published an episode on YouTube. During the show remarks were made by our host, co-host and The Ghost lady which we acknowledge were very homophobic, transphobic and very distasteful,”.

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