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Minnie Dlamini |hates misconception she was ‘traditionally married’ to Itu Khune


Minnie Dlamini |hates misconception she was ‘traditionally married’ to Itu Khune

Minnie stated the rumours had been false and there was no any kind of truth about the misconceptions so far.

While a lot of misconceptions about media character Minnie Dlamini exist, she’s published the one she hates the most is that she used to be married to Kaizer Chiefs goalkeeper Itumeleng Khune.

Minnie published this on DJ Fresh’s podcast WAW recently.

Minnie and Khune dated between 2011 and 2013 and at the top of their on-again, off-again relationship it was once speculated that Khune had requested for Minnie’s hand in marriage and despatched his uncles over to her house.

Minnie stated the rumours had been false.

“The worst misconception is that Khune lobola’ed me. That is the worst one. I hate it, I hate it! People still think it’s true!” she said.

When Minnie did eventually get married, it was to Quinton Jones. Unfortunately their marriage did not work out. Speaking to reporter, Minnie opened up about how she dealt with her divorce.

Minnie made her film debut in an adventure comedy chick flick, The Honeymoon, as Lungile “Lu” Radebe, a woman with two children stuck in a rut with her marriage to her love interest, Andile (played by Naymaps Maphalala).

“When this role came, I didn’t know how I could play a role that was a mother, a wife of over ten years. I had just got married when Bianca approached me. Children weren’t even on my mind. But by the time we started shooting the film, I had been married for about three years, I had my kid, and I think I was able to sink my teeth into the character a lot better than I would have had we shot it earlier,” she told reporters.

In February 2022, Minnie dropped a bombshell revealing she and her husband Quinton Jones had filed for divorce.

Minnie admitted she kept her divorce private during the filming of the movie during the Covid-19 pandemic, and that playing the role of Lu helped her get through the split.

“It was very difficult because I was going through it alone. No-one knew what was going on — my family, my friends no-one — so it was very healing for me to be able to use the character to find myself and my truth.

“My character journey gave me a lot of strength in fighting for myself and fighting for the life that I want to live moving forward. So I am so grateful for it. It taught me to fight for myself and to stop caring about what people think and not worry about what other people’s opinions are going to be because they’ll have opinions regardless of what you do. but when you go to bed, are you happy with yourself or happy with your life.”

Minnie Dlamini |hates misconception she was ‘traditionally married’ to Itu Khune

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