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Mihlali weighs in on topic tell celebs to be example to children


Mihlali Ndamase has clapped back at a topic suggesting that celebs should be a role model for young generation.

As you know, many children look up for famous people, copy their lifestyle and behavior, parents point fingers to celebs, ask them to be good example for their children.

Mihlali has hit back saying it is not their responsibility of looking other people’s children after being criticized by one follower.

The tweep criticized her for tweeting that she believed in a man more than herself.

Mihlali found herself on trending topic, slammed for being bad example for young generation.

The YouTube star clapped back at tweet, saying, “Khayophangela”, simply telling the tweep to “Go to work” as she felt her initial tweet was nothing but her being sarcastic.

As a debate hit-up, some parents clarify the reason on why celebs must accept the blames they face which was criticized again by the star.

The influencer told those parents to look after their children and not put burden on stars as she subject it as irrelevant.

Mihlali wrote, “You don’t give your children enough to look up to, then you come on the internet and police people’s behavior so they can do your job for you.”

Mihlali is not shy of expressing herself on social media, as well master classy for clap backs when trolls tried to make her seen bad.

The influencer was in trending list few months ago accused of promoting immorality for her posts related to her past relationships.

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