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Megan Thee Stallion Honored with Key to Houston and Official Holiday: ‘The City That Made Me’


The Grammy award-winning rapper was honored on Sunday by Mayor Sylvester Turner and some city council members with a key to the city.

Mayor Turner also announced that May 2 would be known as “Megan Thee Stallion Day,” according to KTRK.

Megan Jovon Ruth Pete, popularly known as Megan Thee Stallion, was just handed the key to Houston, Texas. Barely six months ago, the artist appeared in the city for her graduation from Texas Southern University.

In light of her achievements and philanthropy, the Mayor of Houston, Mayor Sylvester Turner, handed the “Tina Snow” singer the key to the city and officially declared May 2 as the “Megan Thee Stallion” day.
Several of Megan’s philanthropic acts were reportedly through the established non-profit organization named in honor of her late parents. The Pete and Thomas Foundation reportedly focuses on helping people with their housing, wellness, and health.

Megan Thee Stallion Got Given A Key The City Of Houston, Texas
Megan Thee Stallion officially has her own holiday. The artist was handed the key to the city of Houston, Texas, by Mayor Turner just this past weekend. The Mayor then declared May 2 as the Megan Thee Stallion Day.
According to the 27-year-old, the holiday was partly a tribute to her late mother, Holly Thomas; May 2 was Thomas’ birthday. In a post on the internet, Megan thanked the Mayor for honoring her with the key and the holiday and promised to continue to “give back to the city.”

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She wrote, “Came home real quick to get THEE KEY TO THE CITY and in honor of my mother and grandmother’s birthday MAY 2ND is officially MEGAN THEE STALLION DAY IN HOUSTON, TX. Thank you Mayor Sylvester Turner for honoring me today and I will continue to give back to the city that made me who I am today #htown.”

Megan Thee Stallion Helped People During The Pandemic
According to Megan, several of her accomplishments were owed to the city of Houston. Her music and style were also imbued with the known southern flare. While presenting the key to Megan, Turner listed the “Tina Snow” singer’s achievements, revealing her acts in helping people during the pandemic and those who struggle with homelessness.
Most of these philanthropic acts were through her non-profit, Pete and Thomas Foundation, named after her father and mother. The foundation is mainly focused on housing, wellness, and health. During the ceremony, Megan gifted three people $5,000 to aid them with expenses concerning education, housing, and wellness.

Per the local news, Turner said, “Megan Thee Stallion has an extraordinary entertainment career, but we wanted to honor her for what she does offstage to lift people’s lives in underserved communities. She assisted people after the 2021 winter storm during the pandemic and helped those struggling with homelessness. I look forward to watching her grow as an artist and humanitarian.”

Besides her recent return, Megan previously arrived in Houston, Texas, a few months ago for her graduation. The Grammy winner completed her degree in Health administration after handling around five classes at a time while simultaneously making a name for herself in the music industry. After Megan’s graduation, Texas Southern University set up a scholarship fund in the 27-year-old’s name.

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When talking about her time in school, Megan revealed that the “most challenging” aspect of the entire experience was “staying motivated to finish.” Via the Rolling Stone, she said, “The most challenging thing about college was definitely staying motivated to finish because I was going through so many things and sometimes I’ll just be like, ‘Man, forget all this. I just want to go hide in a corner. I’m stressed.”

According to Megan, she was able to push through because she had her mother and grandmother “at the back of [her] mind.” They apparently insisted that the 27-year-old start and finish college, and their wishes spurred her on to do just that.

Megan Thee Stallion On Her Plans After College
In an interview with Rolling Stone, Megan talked about how she planned on using her degree after her graduation. As an undergraduate at Prairie View A&M University, the artist revealed that she initially thought she wanted to go into nursing but quickly changed her mind.

She said, “I thought I wanted to be a nurse and then I found myself at school and I was like, okay, definitely don’t want to be a nurse.” Megan retained her desire to open up assisted living facilities but switched majors and universities.

Concerning her desire to open up assisted living facilities, she said, “I’m still going to open up these assisted living facilities and I definitely want to hire new college graduates. Nobody ever wants to hire you fresh out of college. They feel like you have no experience, so I want to create a place where you can get experience.”


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