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Max Lichaba responds to claims made by Sophie Ndaba’s son


Max Lichaba has responded to allegations made by Sophie Ndaba’s son,  Lwandle, after releasing a track titled My Step Dad A Devil.

In the track, Lwandle “Ocean L” Ndaba accuses him of abuse and cheating which lead to Sophie depression.

“You the reason mama fell in depression. You used her for her fame and her money. You got it all and you left us with nothing, Bipolar n*gga, you left your wife alone bruised up on the body. I won’t forget the day you hit her cause you cheated,” Lwandle raps on the song.

Speaking with TimesLive, Max has expressed his disappointment after listening the track, he denies all allegations.

“I raised the boy. I still have much love for him and I hope he can leave grown people’s business and focus on his talent in music. He studied in Midrand. I’ve taken him there. I bought him mics, earphones, and everything to continue with that. Because I knew he’s talented with this thing and now all of a sudden he forgets all those things. He didn’t know how to drive. I taught him how to drive,” Max said.

Speaking  about the abuse allegations made against him, Max said he had never laid a hand on a woman.

“I have never beaten anyone ever in my life and I’m not about to start now.”

Max said he and Sophie were estranged and headed for divorce because they “fell out of love”.

The businessman admitted to the cheating allegations, saying he had stepped out of the relationship purely because he eventually saw no value in it.

“My marriage for a very long time, there was no marriage. I’m not a monster, I’ve never been a monster. Yes maybe, as women go through certain men to find the perfect man,  I’ve been doing that. I’ve been going through two or three people to find ‘Miss Right’ and that doesn’t make me a monster.”

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