Sunday, May 22, 2022
CelebrityMaphorisa reveals the musician who inspired him to pursue Amapiano wave

Maphorisa reveals the musician who inspired him to pursue Amapiano wave

DJ Maphorisa has revealed that Wizkid is one who inspired him to take Amapiano wave into next level.

As you know, the wave is current trending in Africa as well worldwide, no doubt Maphorisa is deserving this credit for stick with the genre following previous projects with Kabza.

In the beginning, many DJs weren’t took this serious because most of them invented sound engineering to Gqom, but Maphorisa made huge decision on putting enough effort to Amapiano genre.

Taking to the social media, the talent DJ and producer recalled the moment he decided to take this wave serious after Wizkid comment.

“ WizKid put me on amapiano. The first amapiano song WizKid heard was by Calvin Fallo, theWololo remix, in Moloko in Pretoria five years ago. That’s when Sponono by Kabza was recorded and I didn’t know Kabza that time. He asked me: ‘What’s this sound? It’s giving me goosebumps’,” he wrote.

“That’s when I really took amapiano seriously. Listening ke (is a) good skill. Call me Madumane Lawd Ya Di Piano.”

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