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Mangaliso Ngema apologises over sexual harassment allegations


Mangaliso Ngema has apologised to Lorraine Moropa and other women for allegedly suffer sexual harassment from him, he said he will take full responsibility.

In deleted Facebook post, the veteran actor apologized to fellow colleagues, family and others for damages.

Mangaliso Ngema wrote: “I am not going to deny any allegations levelled against my name. I will take full responsibility for the sexual harassment case. I apologize to Miss Lorraine Moropa and others for the abuse I directed towards them.”

He continued: “As a senior professional and a fatherly figure. I was out of line. In this time when a country is fighting the GBV pandemic. I apologize to my family, all the cast members and Quizzical Pictures for bringing the set to disrepute. I take responsibility and I take the fall I deserve.”

Quizzical Pictures, the production company that produces the SABC2’s hit show “Lithapo” confirmed that the Mangaliso’s contract has been terminated.

The initial statement released by Quizzical Pictures stipulated that they have “resolved the issue on the Lithapo set.

“The actress concerned is comfortable with the outcome. We would like to thank the cast and crew for their patience. Quizzical Pictures remains committed to creating a fair and respectful workplace for all our cast and crew.”

In another statement, the production company confirmed that it had taken the decision to remove the actor from production with immediate effect.

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