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Mandisa Nduna opens up about sexual abuse on set


Actress Mandisa Nduna spoke out against sexual abuse she has suffered on set following current related crime stats in South Africa.

Mandisa said the abusers are not tempted with wearing styles but it is their true nature because they are predators.

“I can tell you it’s not about how we dress on set or if we’re even interested in men at all. Predators don’t care. I’ve been harassed by directors, actors and even funders! Groped, cornered, you name it. You’re threatened with blacklisting if you make noise,” she wrote on Twitter.

The actress said everyone from crew are aware of sexual abuse but they kept quite as fear of losing their jobs.

Related to these trends, Mandisa Nduna correlate these crimes to a particular incident that happened to her in 2014.

“I’ve tweeted about this experience before. I was sexually abused by an director back in 2014 or so. He asked everyone to leave the room and cornered me and groped me. When I told the producer, his wife, what happened, they decided not to pay me. We are not protected,” she said.

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