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Manaka says she was fired for refusing abort her first born


Manaka Ranaka shares a message wishing her eldest daughter happy 20th, she revealed that her employer fired her after refusing to abort her.

The proud mother has shared a picture of her grandchild with length message concerning her daughter and how she feels for become a grandmother.

“Happy Birthday mama. The one who made me a mother . The one who made me aGmom (grandmother) . You @kay.stone_core are such a blessing in my life. We were so meant to be. 20 years of doing this life thing together, and I’ve never looked back since. I remember when women I worked for told me to abort you and I was like la hlanya (y’all are crazy), they fired me! Manaka wrote.

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“Honestly I didn’t care, coz I was so determined to keep you and enter the next chapter in my life and that was being a mom ( Lauren Hill’s song Zion kept me going when I felt that the world was against us). I was ready man, as young as they said I was, I was ready for you, and its been quiet a journey baby. A journey I would repeat any day. Have a blessed day ngwanaka (my child). You’ll always be my baby. You’ve always been my Joy. My ZION. “


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