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Makhadzi expects to launch her own brands


Songstress Makhadzi is proud for achieving great things in her life, she is expecting to introduce her own businesses to Mzansi.

After getting enough recognition in Africa, Makhadizi is not done yet, she is focusing on building her own brands.

Taking to the Twitter, the singer has expressed how grateful she is, achieving great things at her age, she is expecting support from fans, as she expects to launch it in October and November.

“I am proud of myself and the big things I have achieved. I can’t wait to reveal my biggest business investment that I managed to achieve. I hope you are also ready to support me! October and November I will be launching two different things … #womaninbusiness,” she wrote.

The year seems good for her, last month, she opened up on buying her own home after building for her family.

“The first time I entered to my house I took this picture. My dream came true and I am proud of myself, she wrote on her Twitter.

“I built my grandmother a house with a garden just because my mom and father separated I decided to not choose but to build them two different houses. Now I bought MY OWN HOUSE!”, she tweeted.

Makhadzi also congratulated herself for manage to buy two houses at age 25, which is biggest step on her career.

“Hey listen! I am 25 years and I managed to build 4 houses House building congratulations to my self NDITOFPFI MUFUKADZI WA VHUTALI”, she said.

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