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Makhadzi and Inno Morolong have made peace


Makhadzi and Inno Morolong have made peace

Multi award-winning musician Makhadzi and reality TV star and host Inno Morolong have made peace.

On July 2022, Makhadzi and Inno fell into a fight that made them not to share proper attitude towards each other.

A video of the pair embracing each other was shared on a social media post by Maphepha Ndaba.

Explaining what seems a sudden change of heart, Inno said they made peace some months ago, but when they met at Recharge in Midrand this past weekend they kissed and made up after apologising to each other.

Inno told reporter Makhadzi extended an olive branch in her DMs and she replied in kind.

“She sent me a very long DM, and said we are women and we should be making peace because what are we fighting for. Our fight became so toxic. It was bad but I’m glad that now we are both fine. We apologised to each other. We are fine. It doesn’t mean we are going to be best friends but at least as women we decided to stop slaying each other on the internet,” she said.

Reporters reached out to Makhadzi but at the time of publication she had not given her comment. This article will be updated once comment is available.

Makhadzi and Inno’s beef started after the club host went to Makhadzi’s DMs and accused her of owing people money. The Matorikisi hit maker allegedly body shamed her and they hurled other insults at her.

The musician took to her Instagram to post multiple videos where she can be seen with and speaking to Zanda Zakuza and where she set the record straight about comments levelled against her by Inno.

“When I see the comments, as a human being and social media person, I have to correct something wrong said about my name,” said Makhadzi.

Makhadzi and Inno Morolong have made peace

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