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Maglera Doe Boy |Prays for mates in the midst of artists’ shootings


Maglera Doe Boy |Prays for mates in the midst of artists’ shootings

After Mzansi misplaced some other artist to gun violence, many hope it does no longer come to be an ongoing trend.

On February 10, rapper Kiernan “AKA” Forbes was once gunned down backyard a famous restaurant in Durban alongside his lifelong friend, chef and writer Tebello “Tibz” Motsoane.

In late January, Bacardi track pioneer Vusi Ma R5 used to be shot dead. Police launched a manhunt for the killers of the famous DJ.

Last November, musician and Ayepyep co-owner Oupa “DJ Sumbody” Sefoka was gunned down.

Maglera Doe Boy took to his Instagram timeline on Tuesday sharing images of his friends at a recent gig with the caption: “Wild times outside praying for the guys.”

Many Mzansi artists have said they’ve felt unsafe and are constantly looking over their shoulders when making public appearances.

At AKA’s memorial service, media personality and singer Nandi Madida told reporter she hoped that the recent shooting would be the last and put an end to crime in our country.

“More than anything it’s devastating that we have such happening. Our country has become so violent and we lose assets in this way and manner.

“More than anything we’ll be acknowledging his beautiful legacy and that this be a turning point hopefully, and that we do something for our country and that we do something about our crime. For us not feeling safe, I have children, I am a mom, that I don’t feel safe to drive around, to be anywhere is not right and is not fair.”

Speaking to reporter recently, rapper Emtee, who has attended gigs wearing a bulletproof vest, said he’s fearing for his life and revealed he’d been getting death threats from unknown people for the past two years.

“They started with DJ Sumbody, now AKA. Word on the streets is that either me or [another young rapper] are next. I received a message from this mysterious figure. I blocked him first time, now he’s using another number,” he said.

“People want to extort me for money I don’t have. After DJ Sumbody died, I got a message saying; ‘You are next.’ I’ve been getting death threats for the past two years.”

Maglera Doe Boy |Prays for mates in the midst of artists’ shootings

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