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MacG disses Thando Thabethe after comment on their podcast


MacG threw shade at Thando Thabethe and other celebs who jumped slamming their podcast over homophobic slurs on their previous episode.

MacG and his team recently were in hot water after transphobic comment against LGBTQI community, which actually upsetting many viewers.

MacG is furious and disappointed after find out that some celebrities jump to the matter for getting more attention than supporting them for mistake they already confessed and vowed to never happen.

Their podcast received a plenty of criticism a couple weeks ago, even cost their revenue sources as sponsors pull their support to them.

Along with his team, MacG feels attacked by some celebrities especially Thando Thabethe, after she made a comment about their podcast, saying she wishes she never watched that episode.

“These celebrities jump on because they just want to trend and jump on whatever outrage is happening at the time.

“What the f**** is Thando doing. I run across her numbers for her podcast the other day and I wish I could unsee that; they are horrible. It just shows that nobody wants to hear what she has to say.

“She must just take her nudes and post them on Instagram, nobody gives a f***. That’s why 5FM demoted her to the graveyard slot, because she is a scam”, he said.

His comment divide fans, as many accuse him for being arrogant of mistakes they made during that episode.

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