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MacG apologises after homophobic comments


MacG, the Podcast and Chill team have publicity apologized to LGBTQI+ community, after backlash over homophobic comments.

The team realised mistakes they did on their podcast, they decided to release a statement on Twitter asks for forgiveness for homophobic slur.

MacG and his team release this statement on Twitter: “On January 25, Podcast and Chill published an episode on YouTube. During the show remarks were made by our host, co-host and The Ghost lady which we acknowledge were very homophobic, transphobic and very distasteful,”.

The team acknowledge difficulties that LGBTQI+ community facing with negativity as they decided to apologise to prevent it from getting worse.

“The LGBTQI+ community faces enormous challenges and violence in our societies. The hate, unfair treatment and judgment are but a few issues the LGBTQI+ community faces. As people of influence, we oath to be very careful how we use the influence we have not to promote any kind of mistreatment and derogatory statements or slur to anyone regardless of their sexual orientation.

“We do take complete responsibility and accountability for being insensitive, ignorant and offensive.”

Many viewers were disappointed of that slur, the team also apologized to them as they lost some sponsors.

“We would like to unreservedly extend our apologies to the LGBTQI+ community, our Chillers, and our clients and business partners.

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