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LootLove and Pearl Modiadie announce Metro FM departure


Radio personalities LootLove and Pearl Modiadie have decided to take break from Metro FM, they made announcement on social media as fans offer them best wishes.

SABC broadcast is expecting to make changes on their programs which feature the two moms following their exit announcement.

New mom, Pearl, took to the Twitter to share her last session with the Metro FM which will be March 30, “Wednesday the 31st is my last Metro FM broadcast,” she tweeted.

Meanwhile, LootLove also made the same announcement on her Instagram, she said she just take a break from radio until it make sense for her to get back.

“The last year of my life has brought immense change and also made me incredibly fearless … with that said, I’m hanging up my headphones for now until it makes sense for me to glide on the airwaves again … In order to grow, you have to let go …” LootLove explained.

It is unclear on why they decided to take break, is there anything relating to their working place or everyone got her own reason upon the exit.

Fans and colleagues offer best wishes to Pearl Modiadie and LootLove on their new chapter.

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