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Linda Mtoba launches her foundation


Linda Mtoba launches her foundation with aims of helping children, give them voice to overcome diversity to reach their “full potential”.

After going through hard times this year over COVID-19 breakout, actress saw a potential idea on helping children.

Speaking on Instagram, the actress details motive on launching her foundation which called Linda Mtoba foundation.

She said, “This year has been one of the most challenging years to us all through this I realized and saw first hand just how much help is needed,

“Just how much the next person needs another and just how much our children need us.”

Linda added that children lack voice and people should try different ways helping them, she understands their challenges.

“Our children need us the most where their voices are often unheard and their needs at times overlooked but they too have championed on through adversity.

“Children are relentless, their eyes are filled with hope and their hearts filled with love.”

Linda has good plan on helping children in need, she plans to support them with all help they need to “reach full potential”.

She received congratulation messages from followers for having good vision toward children, happy for her.

Despite hit from pandemic, Linda believes she has power on helping others especially those who lack voice like children that’s why she is going to provide them a special help.

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