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Linda Mtoba claps back at hate for breastfeeding her 15-month-old daughter


Linda Mtoba put social media on blast after critics she faced many times when she shows that nursing her 15-month-old daughter, bean.

The trolls in social media are shaming her saying the baby is too old for breastfeeding, the actress is clear bothered with hate.

Linda has responded to shamers, saying it is her choice thus want everybody to leave other’s business, she wrote the length words on Instagram stories.

“Whenever I post a pic or video of me feeding Bean I’m sent so many “Oh my word she’s still breastfeeding”, “Akasemdala for ukuncela”. Listen here and listen good. Firstly, YES and proudly so. WHO recommends that you breastfeed until 2. There are far too many benefits of breastfeeding to even count. (Google is your friend). It’s MY personal choice to breastfeed and to continue doing so well after 6 months or even a year, Bean is 15 months now (1 year 3 months).” Linda wrote.

She added that she will stop doing it until it is the best time for her, she is not pressured by those trolls.

“I’ll stop when I’m ready to and when I feel Bean is ready to. For all the other breastfeeding mamas, DO YOU MAMA. DO WHAT’S BEST FOR YOU AND YOUR BABY. Don’t get discouraged, forget the naysayers and those who feel they have a right to an opinion about your life, body and parenting. STOP PARENT SHAMING. To each his own.”

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