Thursday, December 2, 2021
LifestyleBeautyLerato K expands her beauty business, she opens her first store

Lerato K expands her beauty business, she opens her first store

Media star Lerato Kganyago has opened first store for her beauty business, Entertainment commentator Phil Mphela made the exciting announcement through his Twitter.

Lerato previously slammed the popular make-up and cosmetics brand Avon, for copying her beauty product name “Flutter” when they introduce their own eyebrow range.

Another interesting thing about Avon product is that; real price will be cheaper compared to the original Flutter by LKG.

Another thing which is still hurt the media star is that; they used the same colour as the product offered by her brand.

Lerato took to Twitter to slam Avon for exploiting her business, but she has no other option against them than improve it to maintain her market.

‘……..“Flutter” isn’t a novel word to be honest and one can associate it with lashes these days so there isn’t much there, but they could have been a bit more creative. All of a sudden they have “flutter” eyelashes with black packaging,’ she tweeted.

After the excitement from Phil Mphela, many followers exchange encourage words and praise to Lerato for the best move.

As you know now days, many women around the world especially developed countries are engaged in middle and large businesses, contributing higher percentage in world economy.

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