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CelebrityLalla Hirayama issues an apology over TIKTOK video

Lalla Hirayama issues an apology over TIKTOK video

Lalla Hirayama has issued an apology over a video she shared on TIKTOK annoyed coloured women across the country.

Lalla tried to make funny on that video but it didn’t end well, majority of coloured women in the country offended from it.

In the video Lalla jokingly makes “funny” facial expressions and mimics the mannerism of some coloured women, which are quite stereotypical. Tweeps came for Lalla for “attacking” coloured women for “cheap laughs”.

“So when Lalla Hirayama runs out of ideas, she decides to make coloured women the b*** end of her pathetic jokes,” one tweep said.

After realise the anger she caused for her TikTok video, Lalla decided to offer an apology for those who offended from her joke.

Lalla Hirayama issues an apology over TIKTOK video
Instagram | Lalla Hirayama

“I made a TikTok video on Tuesday which was offensive to some of my fellow South Africans. Also, I published it during a time when we each face new and unfamiliar pressures. Moreover, I was not sensitive to the climate in SA as we prepare to enter the 4th week of isolation together. I will be more aware of our collective context,” she said.

Lalla said she’s learnt the hard way about how to use TikTok in a manner that is acceptable in SA, with its nuances. She also stated that she meant no malice with her video.

“My efforts were intended only to be entertaining, to share some uniquely South African “thing” we celebrate as part of what makes us good at overcoming adversity when the chips are low. (I) am sorry to know that it angered people.”

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