Wednesday, August 17, 2022
CelebrityLady Zamar says before the lockdown she hurt by nasty comments

Lady Zamar says before the lockdown she hurt by nasty comments

Singer Lady Zamar has expressed struggles she experience before the pandemic, she said she was attacked by nasty people and rumours.

As you know, before the pandemic there was a case she laid against her ex Sjava over sexual assault accusations.

Last year Lady Zamar revealed her past sexual assault claims against Sjava, but she didn’t reveal accuser name until this year.

Sjava denies rape accusations from her two times; the first times she revealed on her Twitter, as well second time when she opened the case against him.

The allegations against Sjava confused some fans, even causing some of them attacking her thinking that she faked the story.

The singer took to Twitter to express everything she gone through before and after the lockdown caused by coronavirus outbreak.

“Before Covid-19 there were things I stressed about, tons of things I was constantly worried about. I was easily hurt by people’s comments and the vicious unfounded rumours that kept flying around on social media.

“I would cry when I read stuff about me. People’s opinions you see.

“But then the silence came. Everything stopped. Everything stopped, except my life. The actual breathing. The life mechanism. And every day I am grateful for it and I mourn for those who have lost theirs because of Covid-19 and other illnesses, violence and pain.”

She said that in the midst of panic caused by the pandemic she found what was most important, and encouraged others to take some time out to re-evaluate their lives.

“Take time to figure yourself out. Re-evaluate what’s important to you. Decide what you’re going to be about when this eventually passes, because in time it will pass.

“Reprioritize. You can start over and be different, letting go of bad habits and lifestyles.”

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