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Lady Zamar: ‘I wish y’all knew me… You Confuse My Silence For Weakness’


Lady Zamar has expressed what exactly many people confused about her persona following cyberbullying and rumours concerning her life.

Took to the Twitter she reveals what is inside her which makes others see it as an advantage of trolling her.

The songstress proves that she is more stable than what you all thinking about her, she knows very well how to handle things silent but many see it as weakness, she wrote “You confuse my silence for weakness and that is your BIGGEST mistake.”

She labelled herself is King Zamar because the way she manages her things her own ways, she understands her worth.

she wrote, “I’m the most unassuming and the most powerful… Trust me I understand my value and know my worth.

Lady Zamar believes that silent is weapon because she understands the worth of her words, she is powerful than what others unassuming her.

 “My silence is a weapon coz I understand the value of my words…… And when I start using my words WHICH I WILL, you’ll finally understand the power of them.”

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