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Kuhle Adams is uncomfortable for being a woman in SA


Tv host Kuhle Adams has shared a recent experience on how she felt uncomfortable and unsafe after encounter with two men on trip.

The presenter said she felt like she was a prey following a treatment she got from one plane’s employee and other men who stood at her.

On Twitter, Kuhle shares a little words of plane’s employee that made her uncomfortable after she had an issue with her ticket.

He said, ‘ewe, she’s gorgeous, uyayazi. I only deal with the best. Ndingathathela mna lo’. Like I’m some object. I could not wait to get the issue resolved so I could leave.”

The way he presented to her made Kuhle Adams uncomfortable, she also shares another experience from another man who stood at her felt like a “meat”.

“As I am looking for my seating, this man in the front row looks back and says ‘yho, kutheni nibahle maan’. She added, “I purposefully ignored him, he persisted until the rows were filled up. I am so tired of being looked at like a piece of meat. You have no right to look at me and address me like that,” Kuhle said.

Gender-based violence is now disaster in South Africa together with human traffic, and most affects women.

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