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Koketso Mophuting tells people to stop asking her about marriage


Actress Koketso Mophuting is tired of being asked by fans about marriage, she said she’s not sure about it that’s why she lives in that way.

Taking to Instagram, Koketso told her followers that after a lot of thought, she’s not sure about marriage and whether it perpetuates patriarchy.

Speaking in Sesotho, the actress shared a “new” finding she recently stumbled upon that has to do with what women and men are called in Sesotho.

“It has come to my attention that the word ‘mosadi’ basically means ‘the one who remains (at home) while the word ‘monna’ can loosely be translated to one who gallivants. Yeah … you heard that right, a woman is supposed to just stay at home while the man gallivants. I don’t know anymore … these men have been playing this patriarchy game on us,” she said.

Before abruptly ending the video, Koketso Mophuting said: “Also … while we are still there please stop asking some of us when we are getting married. I won’t stay at home while some one gallivants. That’s my story and I am sticking to it. Leave me alone. Bye.”

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