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Kid Fonque will miss SA as he moves to UK


Kid Fonque will miss SA as he moves to UK

Kid Fonque is the head of A&R [artists and repertoire] at Defected Records and said part of his move abroad was to showcase Mzansi talent to the world.

When Kid introduced his departure from 5FM his followers have been sad.

According to reporter, now the track producer, radio jock and residence DJ has published he is transferring countries.

“I have just spent the past two weeks in South Africa, it’s been a busy time for me. Finally closing shop, so many moving parts… Selling our house, sorting visas, flights, moving my whole life and family to the UK to pursue this opportunity ahead of me at Defected Records.”

“One of the most important parts of this trip was to connect with the artists I champion, artists who I will continue to work with and shine a bright light on.

“It’s always been my mission to showcase this talent we have here in SA to a wider, more global audience and now is the time.

“I’ll miss you SA but I’ll always come say hi,” he said.

Kid hung up his headphones at 5FM in December. Taking to his Instagram timeline he bade his listeners goodbye.

“When taking on the Selective Styles task back then, I vowed to 5FM that I’d keep it real — me — and that may have partially inspired the name of the label that emerged alongside the show: Stay True Sounds. Now that label has become my baby — and one that needs serious attention. It’s time for me to hang up those Sunday eve headphones and pay it the respect it’s due. Staying True … I’d like to thank 5FM for their vision and all the artists who contributed, but mainly you, the listeners: Selective Styles would not have been anything without your support. The final show will be this Sunday. Salut, Kid Fonque.”

Kid Fonque will miss SA as he moves to UK

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