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CelebrityKhanyi Mbau|first black female to be roasted on Comedy Central

Khanyi Mbau|first black female to be roasted on Comedy Central

Actress and media personality Khanyi Mbau excited to be the first black female to be roasted on Comedy Central as the all-new Roastee of The Roast.

Khanyi, who was a panellist in the 2014 roast with Kenny Kunene, makes a comeback as the first black female to be roasted.

According to TshisaLIVE, Khanyi sent a statement “To be the first black female to be roasted on Comedy Central in the world feels amazing. Do you know how many balls we’ve had on this platform? It was getting rather sweaty. Let’s put some tits on this and make it bounce. Right?” she said in a statement sent to .

Describing the roast as a calling, Khanyi said she was not scared of being the punching bag on the night but rather cared more about how she looks on the night of the event set to air on Comedy Central Africa in August 2022.

“You have to answer. And I’ve decided to answer to the spirits, demons or whatever it is that will be sitting on that panel, calling me, thinking they’re going to roast me.”

Speaking of the panellists still to be announced, Khanyi said she hoped her former friend Somizi Mhlongo and actress Pearl Thusi, who was Comedy Central’s first female roast master in Africa, would not be included in her roast.

“I know he’s had his own, I wouldn’t want to see Somizi on it, because I know he’s pissed off at me at the moment. He’s not talking to me for some odd reason, so I would not like to see him because he’d be really upset with me.

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“Who else? I wouldn’t want to see Pearl on it too, because she doesn’t take jokes really nicely. But I love her. She’s a darling. But I’ve got a feeling I’ll see [her.] I can smell MacG or is that his gin I smell? But I’ve got a feeling that MacG is going to be on this …”

Khanyi Mbau added she would like have Mzansi’s very own President Cyril Ramaphosa at her roast to shake things up a little.

“I would love to have cupcake. Yes, the president. Cyril on my roast. I think that’s one person that would make such an entertaining roast, with the rhinos and the McDonald’s and the trips. And he’s just so interesting. I’m loving it.”

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