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Khanyi Mbau shares her thoughts on booze ban


Khanyi Mbau has urged government to consider alcohol sellers, allowing them to sale for limited days as a better way of controlling Coronavirus spread.

The actress asks government to consider them because they’ve already experience hard times since the 2020 after lockdown law imposed to control the pandemic effect.

Khanyi Mbau also urges liquor users to consume safe in their home, complying with Coronavirus pandemic rules of wearing masks wherever they are.

“Drink responsibly. Consume your alcohol in your house alone and wear a mask. Wear a mask. Corona is a thing because now we are costing families their income, kids won’t be able to go to school, get uniforms and books due to the alcohol ban,” she said.

Khanyi acknowledge government efforts on controlling it, but she believes they have to allow it for limited uses of alcohol to support sellers like her, paying for children fees as schools about to reopen this month.

Khanyi Mbau shares her thoughts on booze ban

“The reason that I’m raising this is because it’s January, schools are about to reopen, there are families, people that work in the liquor industry that cannot go back to work, earn a living to support their families and make sure that their children go to school,” she said in a video posted on Twitter.

“I am in the alcohol industry. I have gin. What happens to my staff? What do I do to help them live their lives and have a better 2021 that was better than 2020? I feel like maybe we need to look at another strategy instead of banning it completely, maybe have a few days open just to support the industry so people can live,” she said.

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