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Kenya Celebrate-Tanasha Donna: Everyone should shower at least three times a day


Tanasha Donna has talked in detail about the importance of body hygiene not only for women but for everyone who loves civilization.

Through a short video he uploaded to Instagram, the musician explained in detail how people should maintain cleanliness in their bodies and the environment they live in.

Speaking to the media she was heard saying “I don’t know how many times we will talk about this but my people, women and men, hygiene is something very important. It is very important my people if you did not know,” Tanasha Donna began to advise.

He said that it doesn’t matter what challenges you go through in life, but make sure you smell good wherever you go, and not just by spraying yourself with perfume but by washing your body two to three times a day without forgetting to brush your teeth and dress neatly all the time.

“Make sure you smell good, not only by beautifying yourself with ointments, but by proper hygiene. Make sure you wash your hands, don’t forget to wash your hands between two and three times a day, brush your teeth, use the toilet bowl properly and also wash with water after you finish cutting the log. Shave all the hair on your body, stay neat,” the ex-boyfriend of Diamond Platnumz spoke emphatically.

He went on to quote a famous passage from the Bible that says that cleanliness puts a person close to godliness, saying that if there is no cleanliness around you, you lack even peace of mind.

“I hope many of you have heard the quote that cleanliness keeps a person close to God-fearing, it is true my people. You will find that when there is dirt around you, you lose your mind’s compass, but when there is cleanliness, you feel calm and peaceful. Our bodies are the holy temple of God, let’s protect all of them for men,” he said.

Likewise, the musician said that he cannot agree with those who say ‘a man is sweat’ while saying that maintaining cleanliness is for all people.

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