Saturday, May 28, 2022
CelebrityKelly Khumalo: ‘My body is not for sale’

Kelly Khumalo: ‘My body is not for sale’

Kelly Khumalo sends clear message to rich men on entertainment, saying her body is not for sale.

As you know, this behavior is common to many in entertainment especially new ones who fight to get recognition, but Kelly is not type of that woman.

Taking to Instagram, the singer posted a video with allegations about rich men use their money to use women in entertainment who pursue their career.

“Not for sale! This body is not for sale nor am I written for sale on my forehead,” said Kelly.

“The selling of the body in this county is very high, especially in the entertainment business.

“Rich men think they can buy whoever they want. Maybe they have managed to buy so and so, but this body you are not going to buy, my sweet.”

After the allegations, Kelly said she won’t let any man use money to control her, she wants men to respect women in industry.

“In fact, I blame women for letting men think that they can walk in and buy. Me, you cannot buy me.

“I am not for sale, doesn’t matter how much money you got,” she said.

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