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Kajala makes clear the qualities she is looking for in a new partner who will succeed Harmonize


Famous actress Frida Kajala Masanja has hinted that she is ready to venture into new relationships, about two months after she broke up with the boss of Kondegang, Rajab Abdul Kahali aka Harmonize.

Kajala announced the end of her relationship with Harmonize in early December after dating her for about seven months. The two had gotten back together in April after Harmonize apologized

The mother of one has made it clear that she is now ready to try a relationship with someone of the same zodiac sign as her, meaning someone who celebrates her birthday around the same time of year as her.

“I want to date my sign. I want to see if we have the same behavior and if we last,” he said on Instagram.

When announcing her split from Harmonize at the end of last year, Kajala made it clear that she was ready to take another step after their relationship of a few months hit rock bottom.

Although he did not reveal what separated them, he made it clear that he did not hold any grudge against the singer.

“I, as a woman and a human being, was created to love and forgive too, but in this I deserve to be laughed at, I deserve to be mocked and despised as well. I am not here to defend myself or show mercy, it is true that I made mistakes and I have realized my mistakes, I am not perfect,” Kajala said in December.

About two weeks ago, Harmonize hinted that his parent warned him about his ex-boyfriend.

In the disclosure he made as advice, the Kondegang boss advised people to listen to their parents every day. He noted that parents have a special eye to help them see things hidden in a person.

“Listen to mother!! Whether it’s your mother or your partner’s mother, your father or your partner’s.. parents watch you with a very distant eye. A parent is easy to notice everything. It is possible that you think you know everything but there is a mother’s eye. something or someone gets a better answer than you,” he said on Thursday.

The talented singer urged people to take into account the objections raised by their parents no matter how offensive they are.

He also asked people to listen to the parents of their peers, especially regarding relationship issues, regardless of how serious the romance is.

“You can see that this mother does not love me as the mother of my partner, but she may know that her child is not there yet, but she lacks or fails how to make you understand because you are in a pool of love,” he said.

“When he is your parent, it is easy to dissuade you even by using all your strength, but when you are drowning, you do not understand him,”

At that time, he revealed that he had previously almost entered into a bad marriage that his parent had warned him against.

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