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Kailia Posey| Twitter DEMANDS Mental Health Assistance Following Her Suicide


According to The Blast, Kailia Posey’s Official Cause Of Death Revealed
According to the Whatcom County medical examiner in Washington, the budding star’s (Kailia Posey) cause of death was asphyxia due to ligature hanging, and the manner was suicide.

The 16-year-old’s cause of death was announced on Wednesday, May 11.

According to Page Six, the autopsy and toxicology reports will not be disclosed. The outlet exclusively learned the specifics of the police record were being withheld because disclosure would be “highly offensive” and “not of legitimate concern to the public, and therefore would violate the right to privacy.”

Many on Twitter are deeply saddened by Posey’s manner of death and have demanded more mental health assistance.

Twitter Demands More Mental Health Assistance Following Kailia’s Death
“The suicide of Kailia Posey should open people’s f**king eyes at how dangerous this world is no one is protected mental health affects e v e r y o n e,” an impassioned person tweeted.

On Twitter user who is focused on “trying to make positive change for our children’s futures” tweeted, “This gif is of Kailia Posey of Toddlers and Tiaras fame. On Monday May 2, 2022, she committed suicide at 16 years old. It’s absolutely heartbreaking. Mental health issues don’t discriminate.”

Another mental health advocate wrote, “It doesn’t matter if you’re 76 like Naomi Judd, or 16 like Kailia Posey. Mental health issues are REAL, and suicide affects us all. We have got to step up our mental healthcare in this country. Rip.”

Kailia Posey’s Family Remembers Their “Beautiful Baby Girl”
“Mental illness is not a weakness or a character flaw. Unfortunately, mental illness is something you can’t understand fully unless you live with it, but we need to talk about these things more openly, to help educate everyone else. #MentalHealthAwarenessMonth,” one person wrote.

Her mother, Marcy Posey Gatterman, was the first to confirm the news of her daughter’s death on Facebook earlier this month.

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She wrote, “I don’t have words or any thoughts. A beautiful baby girl is gone. Please give us privacy as we mourn the loss of Kailia. My baby forever.”

In an exclusive statement to TMZ, Posey’s family confirmed their daughter took her own life at the age of 16.

“Although she was an accomplished teenager with a bright future ahead of her, unfortunately in one impetuous moment, she made the rash decision to end her earthly life,” the family’s statement read. “She won countless crowns and trophies after competing on the pageant circuit her entire life… Her highly acclaimed talent as a contortionist had already led to professional touring job offers, and she had recently been selected to be a cheerleader at her high school next fall.”

Posey’s family also noted that their loved one had a passion for aviation. They explained she was going to continue working in entertainment while simultaneously studying to get her commercial pilot’s license.

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