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Kabza De Small on king of Amapiano: ‘I never said I was better than anyone’


Kabza De Small clarified for declaring himself as king of Amapiano, he saying he won’t apologise for working hard or his achievements.

He said, “I won’t be apologetic for working hard and for achieving what I’ve achieved.”

The Amapiano artist is enjoying best of his career after successful achievements from two previous albums.

“Through the hard work, I’ve put in so many years and I’m finally enjoying the fruits of success. People will always talk whether you do good and bad. Just don’t lose focus.”

Taking to Instagram Kabza De Small defends himself after calling himself as Amapiano king, he believes anyone who work hard has right to be labelled as a king.

 “I never said I was better than anyone. I never lowered anyone for doing his best in the game”.

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