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Jose Chameleone whips a bodaboda man, his wife accuses him in public


In Uganda, the big story that has been widely spread on social media last weekend is related to a video that showed veteran artist Jose Chameleone whipping a bodaboda driver for scratching his Range Rover with his motorcycle.

People gave different opinions following the incident that happened at the end of last week with many seeming to criticize Chameleone‘s action.

In what many did not expect, the musician’s wife by the name of Daniella Atimu, appeared to criticize her husband’s act in public through her Instagram page.

Atimu posted a picture condemning any acts of violence while targeting her husband for the act of beating a bodaboda man who was unable to defend himself.

She clearly indicated that she is on the side of the bodaboda man by using the hashtag that she needs to get her justice for the act of being humiliated by her husband Jose Chameleone.

“War has no chance of being tolerated anywhere. May justice be done to the victim boda boda driver,” his wife wrote on Instagram.

Initially, the case had raised conflicting opinions on the internet as the police were dressed in riot gear and the musician’s spokesperson said that he had to pull out the policeman and slap him on the back three times because the boda driver, after scratching his car, started showing violence instead of being humble and apologizing.

He said that his artist had to use a whip as a means of self-defense because the waiter was speaking threatening words to him.

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