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Jojo Robinson to be most tattoed woman in SA


Jojo Robinson to be most tattoed woman in SA

Reality TV megastar JoJo Robinson’s physique is to included in tattoos and she plans to add more.

Taking to her Instagram timeline she shared a clip after including to her series and published about three quarters of her physique is included in ink.

Where will next tattoo inked?

“I will never tattoo my face. But the plan is neck down (give or take a few areas of course,” she shared.

According to source, She said she recently had more work done on her legy.

“In a few days we connect the new leg tattoo to the back of my existing leg tattoo. The plan is by the end of this year to have the leg completed.

“Then start to rework the arm I don’t like, followed up into the other half of the neck and lastly the buns and then we are done. Imagine.”

Jojo had a procedure called abdominoplasty with lipo in late July 2022.

The reality star kept her fans up to date on her journey and educated them about the procedure.

“I chose to share my journey because too often women pretend to be ‘all natural’ when in fact they aren’t. There is nothing wrong with surgery if that’s what you choose and too often women are left with no one to ask when they do want help or advice from another woman because everyone out here ‘knows nothing on the subject’.

“I’m all too happy to be honest and share my journey with whoever wants to tag along.”

Jojo Robinson to be most tattoed woman in SA

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