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Jason Derulo gets into fight after someone calls him Usher


Jason Derulo was detained after fight with two men after one of them mistook him to singer Usher.

According to reports from multiple sources, the R&B star involved into massive bawl with two men as one them called him Usher.

It is unclear whether the Derulo shows his wild side because of being confused with singer Usher, or there is a reason behind it all, but soon we might get info from his side.

In a clip posted by TMZ, someone in the crowd can be heard shouting, “Ayo, why did you slap him, dawg?” and then a separate voice yells “Hey Usher, f–k you, bitch!” in an apparent reference to another recording artist, Usher.

The incident went down early Tuesday morning inside the ARIA hotel, where you can hear a group of men trolling the singer by yelling, “Hey, Usher! F— you b—-.” Immediately, Derulo sprints towards the person responsible for the dig and starts throwing punches in his direction.

Video appears to show Derulo attacking another man and tussling with him on the ground as more people try to tear them apart.

The victims didn’t require hospitalization but suffered minor injuries to their faces. Derulo was ultimately tossed from the ARIA, and given a trespassing notice.

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