Tuesday, August 16, 2022
CelebrityJason Derulo accused of harassing a man who claims he had affair...

Jason Derulo accused of harassing a man who claims he had affair with his girlfriend

Jason Derulo is accused of harassing a man who claims to be engaged to the singer’s girlfriend, Jena Frumes.

According to The Blast, man filed a restraining order against the two, Jason with Jena.

The petitioner, who we are choosing not to name, filed a request for a civil harassment restraining order against Jason Derulo, claiming Jason is allegedly a “conflict of interest” and has a direct connection to Caesars Palace, whom he is currently suing in two lawsuits over alleged retaliation, harassment, and defamation of himself and his supposed fiancé, Jena Frumes.

The petitioner claims Jason has been “acting as a spotter for Caesars to acquire my fiancé and my private information”.

The Petitioner asked the court for Jason to stay 1000 yards away from him as well as “Katherine’s home!” (Katherine being referred to as Jena Frumes). A judge denied the temporary restraining order and the Petitioner will have to present his case in court on Friday to determine whether a permanent order will be made.

The petitioner also asked a judge to order Jason to furnish his copy of the alleged “signed by all parties contract of this ‘alleged’ TikTok partnership which clearly defines each parties roles, both parties consent of an intimate relationship which involves sex!”

The Petitioner claims the alleged harassment has been going on since March of this year, and that the CEO of Jena Frumes’ modeling agency “doesn’t want her date me let alone be engaged to be married, and has since recruited has the Respondent (Derulo) to ‘aggressively seduce’ and ‘press’ Katherine into ‘uncomfortable’ positions in which would help persuade her to ‘leave me’ yet for the Respondent”.

The Petitioner alleges Derulo started making public claims that he and Frumes are dating, which “in her words to me ‘are complete lies and fraud’ and that she had stated to Derulo

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