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Celebrity‘it never goes away’: AKA remembers Anele Tembe

‘it never goes away’: AKA remembers Anele Tembe

Rapper AKA is still in grief since he lost his fiancé Anele Tembe, who died four months ago from allegedly suicide.

Taking to Instagram, AKA posted a picture of himself and Anele accompanied by a caption. In the caption, he said that every day he prays for Anele, himself and their families.

“4 months to this day … it never goes away. Every day I pray for her, myself and our families.

“I will never be the same person I was … but I will do the best I can with the gift and opportunity of life that I still have left. Thank You to everyone who has stuck by me and our respective families … you know who you are”, he wrote.

Her death real hurt the rapper, as just few weeks passed since they engaged after a year being in relationship together.

There’s police investigation upon her death, as some believes she might be committed suicide which denied by her father.

Speaking to anchor Thembekile Mrototo on The Bar Leader TV, AKA opened up about his relationship with Nelli, the day she died and about the 22-year-old’s alleged mental health issues. 

AKA was answering a question about Moses publicly denying at Nelli’s funeral on April 1 that his daughter was “chronically suicidal”. 

The rapper also claimed he was shocked to realise he had been “denied” the opportunity to speak at Nelli’s funeral.

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