Saturday, October 23, 2021
Celebrity'I'm not pregnant’: Zahara responds to pregnancy rumour

‘I’m not pregnant’: Zahara responds to pregnancy rumour

Singer Zahara has responded to pregnancy rumour shared by some SA outlets.

The songstress did not share enough details about other rumour concern her current relationship, saying no pregnancy, it is just an album.

“This is not true. The only baby I’m expecting is my Album “Nqaba Yam” on the 13th of August,” Zahara wrote on Twitter.

Ahead of her album launch, Zahara released a new single called Nqaba Yam last Friday.

“I was supposed to have released my album on  July 9, but when I release an album I must be able to go out there. I want to market my album, I need to see my people,” she said.

“I don’t do singles I just release an album, but just because of this Covid-19 thing. I always feel like if you want to hear my story, I should just drop an album. So Nyamezela is out and the views are already looking good she added.

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