Wednesday, January 19, 2022
Celebrity'I’m confused': Buhle on why people ain't happy of Cuban doctors’ arrival

‘I’m confused’: Buhle on why people ain’t happy of Cuban doctors’ arrival

Actress Buhle Samuels has expressed her confusion on why local doctors are feeling bad after Cuban doctors’ arrival to help the country combat coronavirus.

Buhle shares her thoughts on Twitter as she believes the number of local doctors and nurses is limited.

“Doctors that aren’t happy about the Cuban doctors. I’m confused how is this bad? Doctors and nurses are already spread thin. Mind you it’s not like there aren’t any other sick people outside of Covid-19. Doctors still have to take care of other patients,” she wrote.

One of her followers pointed out that one of the reasons behind the hesitance to be happy about the matter was the alleged “special” treatment these doctors were getting when compared to how doctors at home are treated.

Buhle said she understood how that could leave local doctors feeling uneasy and also added that SA health personnel needed to be protected and taken care of.

“I definitely think our doctors and nurses need to be taken care of and protected. In the same breath whatever our challenges are, we need as many hands as possible to help us. Each doctor and nurse can only do so much.”

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