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I am business queen through my model ‘Kairo and Asante’ said DJ Zinhle


Dj zinhle has various her commercial enterprise portfolio and made securing the bag appearance almost handy.

The famous person ventured into the liquor commercial enterprise, obtaining equity in the international glowing wine beverage side road nectar rosé, and took over as CEO in 2020. 

Reflecting on the journey so far, Zinhle told media it was a natural fit.

“Bubbly always had a special place in my heart and as a DJ I’m almost always part of celebratory moments so it makes sense. “

Zinhle said her signature as a businesswoman is hard work.

She has managed to cement herself in the business world with multiple income streams after launching her recent venture Hair Majesty by DJ Zinhle, her own range of wigs.

“I’ve always been super dedicated to whatever it is I’m doing so I would say hard work. I’ve also always remained teachable to learn as much as I can so I can be one step ahead. If you know more, you can do more.” 

She dons many hats of businesswoman, mom, DJ and more; and somehow they all help sustain and fuel her entrepreneurial spirit.ADVERTISEMENT

“Definitely my beautiful babies, Kairo and Asante, fuel me. On a personal level, I guess j proving to myself that I am able to build and grow. Business and entrepreneurship are quite scary  but I find so much joy in building my brands on a day to day basis so we can achieve that five to 10 year goal.”

She said she would like her legacy to be: “A powerful strong, successful businesswoman and mother who was able to break the stigma that women can’t do it all.”

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