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‘I almost lost my life…….’ DJ Lady Du shares health update


The Amapiano songstress DJ Lady Du is grateful to be alive after horror experience she had last week from heart stroke.

Taking to Instagram, Lady Du said it was nightmare to her, she felt like it was the last breath for her after her condition turn to worst point.

“I’ve had the toughest week ever, I almost lost my life last week, “I posted about my breathing condition not so long ago, I came back from work, had a heat stroke. My whole body went into shock, I couldn’t breathe or walk. I’ve been sleeping for the past week.”

The Amapiano star speaks about how she got help from her family, as she realizing how important to be closer with them.

“In all of that I realised how important it is to be closer to my family. Everyone carries on with their lives and won’t even notice you’re not there or there’s no activity to even ask. I’m in a different space.”

She has since recovered and is heading back to the studio.

“Guys, rest. One day you’ll pass out and it might be your last day. No amount of money is worth your life. When you feel tired, sleep. Take breaks. I thank God for saving my life, I swear I thought it was my last day.”

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