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Hot News Lerato Mvelase celebrates passing her exams


Hot news for the celebrate and Actor lerato Mvelase burst the head line from social Media about what she has done for her exam.

Actress Lerato Mvelase joined those who saw the value in updating their education and she went back to school in 2022 .

After a year of hard work, she’s celebrating good results.

The actress enrolled for a postgraduate diploma in business management at Regenesys Business School.

After receiving her exam results — which showed she passed all her modules — Lerato penned a letter celebrating herself and her win.

“I passed. What a way to end my year. Lerato Mvelase, you’ve done so well and today I celebrate your decisions, your tenacity and consistency. Understanding that life will never be easy and only commitment to yourself will bring the results you want. I made a decision to study this year, amid my work and being a single mum.

There were nights I cried, thinking why does life have to be so hard. I had many moments of wanting to give up, I lost friends, but I pushed on because I knew I needed to go to a different level of my life.

“My vision was clear to me and I had to pursue it and today I celebrate myself and all those who made decisions that are bringing the greatest rewards. You can never short change life and destiny. My studies truly challenged me and opened a whole new world for me. I think a corner office would suit me.”

It took the media personality 10 years to finish her communications degree. When she said earlier this year she was going back to school, she knew it was going to be a challenge but she was determined to soldier through.

    “Moral of the story – never compare your situation to others for your circumstances are very different.

    “At that time I was raising my kids, breastfeedingr and working. It wasn’t easy. I felt like dropping out a lot of times, but those little faces needed someone to look up to, needed an inspiration. I had to make sure I’m that inspiration. I had to make sure I help them see the possibility of achieving in a world that says they can’t.”

    Lerato had shared earlier that 2022 was her “year of yes” and sis made her dreams come true,

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