Friday, May 20, 2022
CelebrityHere’s what Ayanda Borotho feels about polygamy

Here’s what Ayanda Borotho feels about polygamy

Actress Ayanda Borotho has weighed in on polygamy after watching Mzansi Magic’s latest reality show on the subject, Mnakwethu.

The show documents the journey married men take to enter polygamous relationships.

After watching the show for few episodes, Ayanda was not impressed with theme, she took her social media to slam the cultural indoctrination of polygamy.

“I have no intentions of disrespecting the choices other women make, but this is what I write about in the book, cultural indoctrination that has us women by the balls!” Ayanda Borotho wrote on IG.

She believes there’s “nothing is more oppressive to women than the pressure of ‘wanting to be someone’s wife/main woman’ and the false validation that it brings. I absolutely respect marriage. And there’s nothing wrong with marriage except the narratives we give it!

“We are out here trying to be the main one instead of the only one. Sihlezi siqhathwa! Nathi sivume! Can we, women, start belonging to ourselves first before trying to ‘fit’ into a man who’s not even our size.”

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