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Harmonize to take Rwandan citizenship


Bongo artiste Fleva Rajab Abdul aka Harmonize has hit the headlines in the East African region after uploading a photo of his Rwandan national identity card despite being a Tanzanian.

It should be noted that the leading artist of the Konde Music Worldwide music label is in Rwanda for a musical tour where in a series of photos and videos he uploaded from the country, he was given a five-star reception by the people of Nyamirambo.

Msani who is also his close friend from Rwanda Bruce Melody received him and took him to the Kigali Arena in the country where he is expected to perform a series of concerts.

Now what surprised many is after the artist started to introduce himself as ‘Kijana wa Nyamirambo‘ while saying that he is salivating a lot to get Rwandan citizenship.

“I need a new Rwandan national ID,” Harmonize wrote on his Instastory.

Later, if there are followers who went to the expertise and created the identity that the artist uploaded on his Instastory showing his happiness while asking who succeeded in making such crafts and creativity.

It is reported that Harmonize has been showing his love for the neighboring country of Tanzania for a long time because it is a clean country with a beautiful landscape, so he requested that he needs to be given a Rwandan National Identity Card.

But according to legal experts in the United Republic of Tanzania, the country does not allow or accept dual citizenship and so Harmonize has only one choice to make: deny Tanzanian citizenship and go to Rwanda or remain a Tanzanian citizen and stop seeking Rwandan citizenship. .

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