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Harmonize aomba radhi kwa wimbo wa bangi


Harmonize aomba radhi kwa wimbo wa bangi, Harmonize aomba radhi kwa wimbo wa bangi.

Tanzanian musician, Harmonize has apologized for the content of his new song called ‘Weed Language’, saying that it violates the values ​​and culture of his country.

The song, which is about cannabis, is a collaboration with Jamaican dancehall artist Konshens and was released last week. The chorus throughout the song is: “What do you call cannabis in your language?”.

It then lists the drug conditions in different countries. Some words in Kiswahili describe the feelings that come from smoking marijuana. In their statement, the managers of Harmonize said that the song has been released on social media and instead its words will be replaced with words that do not meet Tanzanian values.

Marijuana use is a criminal offense in Tanzania and is punishable by life imprisonment. This comes a day after the musician was given a warning by the Tanzania Drug Control and Combating Authority.

Harmonize also met with officials of the Arts Council, Basata before apologizing. “The management of Konde Gang music Wordwide apologize for the content of my song Weed Language.

The song has gone against the values ​​of our nation,” the manager’s statement said. Harmonize previously said that the song is one of the songs on his project this month. The musician was previously called for allegations, which he denies, of using cannabis.

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