Wednesday, January 19, 2022
CelebrityGugu Gumede hits back at 'too much makeup' troll

Gugu Gumede hits back at ‘too much makeup’ troll

Actress Gugu Gumede hits back hard at troll claiming that she is too much using face makeup following few snaps she shared during lockdown.

It is clear the actress is keep her beauty even during this lockdown which gives haters a space to make trolls.

Gugu Gumede shared dolled up face photo on her Instagram, one follower had told her to stop doing that because she is natural beauty, so she should’ve avoid makeup.

The actress wasn’t happy with it, so she reminds him to stay away from her business and stop trying to make her deciding what to do.

“Please don’t ever again have the audacity to imply how much make up I should have on my face, I’ll drag you for filth,” she said.

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