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Gigi Lamayne explains the reason she left SA Hip Hop


Gigi Lamayne clarified her decision on leaving SA Hip Hop, saying she is tired of toxicity and beefs centered the genre.

It seems Gigi is leaving the genre for good after revealing it on Instagram, the rapper told TshisaLIVE that she is tired of SA Hip Hop.

“My decision came with seeing the disharmony in hip-hop, the lack of unity and the toxicity in hip-hop, and the fact that there are so many camps, and so many people at loggerheads with each other.”

“After doing songs with people in outside genres I realised how those people are so connected, how they get along, not to say they don’t have issues, but they are so much more about the bigger picture.

“I think hip-hop needs to get there, and I can’t solve that problem alone and right now that’s how the environment is and there is nothing we can do about it as hip-hop artists, especially as a young female hip-hop artist.”

Gigi said the gatekeepers in the industry are what she is referring to as the toxicity.

“There are people who are more equal than others. Some were born into power and when you find that in any industry you find that no-one earns anything on merit. It’s not about how good you are. It’s about who you know and how you know them.

“This is a story that a lot of young kids complain about, that they are trying to get into the industry and they can’t because everyone speaks of connections.

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