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Gigi Lamayane reveals she’s taking legal action against Inno Morolong


Gigi Lamayane has revealed that she is taking legal action against socialite Inno Morolong following heated argument on social media.

According the Gigi, the video which show them apologizing to each other was orchestrated, as she plans to take the matter to justice.

“The video y’all saw of me saying ‘chomi’ etc was just that blackmail. I should’ve just told the truth. I’m sorry it came to this,” she wrote.

“I’m going to have to continue with a case with additional charges. I know better now and I’m sorry.”

The two have involved in heated argument on social media after Inno alleging that Gigi is trying to snatch her man.

On Instagram, the rapper has revealed her plan on taking lawsuit against her rival, saying she has received hatred and threats messages from her.

“In the said social media post you inter alia state Gigi ‘is a b**ch who stole your man, and is dirty and untidy’, ‘you are a sangoma and  I am not afraid of you’, and ‘you are a dirty girl and you will remain a dirty girl’,” read portion of the letter of demand she allegedly sent.

Gigi took to Instagram to post a video of her bursting into tears over the debacle and claimed it had compromised her mental health.

“I’m hurting a lot, and the only reason I have to let go of this is because I don’t know, I’ve got such a big heart and I chose peace because I’m not strong enough to give people the fights they’ve wanted.”

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