Wednesday, August 17, 2022
CelebrityFans react to Rasta’s Gee Six Five portrait

Fans react to Rasta’s Gee Six Five portrait

Black Twitter slams Rasta after he showed up the portrait of late Gee Six Five who died last week.

The sensational Amapiano star who captured Mzansi attention passed away last week from VOVID-19 complications.

As you know, Rasta has history of making celebs drawing for those who passed away and alive one, he did the same to 65-yearl-old late Amapiano star.

The celebrity painter is looking focus and not shaken by fans reaction, although, he revealed being hurt from negativity on his past artwork.

He keeps drawing one celebrity to another despite received credit to only few portraits.

His recent Gee Six Five portrait has been criticized by majority, saying his painting skills does not match the real star, blaming him for lacking accuracy and telling him to stop making some more.

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