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Fans blasts MacG over offensive comment about Boity Thulo


MacG landed himself into hot water after making rude comment about Boity Thulo’s love life.

The controversial podcaster made shocking comment during the recent episode of “Podcast and Chill”, with his co-host, Sol Phenduka, and interviewed Nota Baloyi.

During the episode, the three had long discussion about their personal lifestyle including feuds and other matters.

The three jump to segment in which they interred into minding game to choose a woman to marry, have sex with or kill.

MacG responded: “I’d marry Bonang, and kill Boity, my problem is that everyone has f**ked Boity so I’d kill her.”

The video of his slut comment went viral on social media, many social media users pissed off with his attitude, as they call for muting him.

“What MacG said about Boity is disgusting. That was a vile comment. A lot of women walk around with self-esteem issues because of such comments, some go as far as committing suicide or having to relocate from one neighborhood to another. We grew up in the hood, we’ve seen this,” one user wrote.

While many including some celebs tell him to remove the previous episodes, asking him to change and apologises for being disrespectful.

Another user wrote: “There’s freedom of speech and there’s disrespect, that MacG comment on Boity was out of line. Mad disrespectful.”

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